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Bakeries that are using Gavia


"This bakery was never part of my plan but somehow it happened. I am so thankful that I've found Gavia and made them one of the key ingredients in our home-specialty Japanese Cheesecake. No other brands work as perfectly compared to our very own local brand - Gavia. With them, I am able to achieve very quality and unique characteristics bakes which other brands aren't able to. It has been a great joy and blessing working with the Gavia Team as they are always so kind, responsive and supportive in many ways as my bakery supplier. If you are looking for a trusted sweetener brand due to sugar restrictions or for your businesses, you have one here which will goes a long way with you! Cheers ❤️"

- Ericia, owner of Soulmyeketo

Baked by Ketokit

"I've tried numerous other brands prior to finding Gavia. Didn't like the artifical taste and some of the brands were not easy to substitute out in recipes. Until I received a couple of sample sachets of Gavia at one of our keto events. I think Gavia tastes most natural and similar in texture to sugar. Another reason is because I personally like to support local."

- Elaine, owner of Baked by Ketokit


"Gavia is our preferred sweetener for our keto bakes because it does not compromise on the taste of our sweet treats unlike other sugar free sweeteners. So that our customers can satisfy their sweet tooth & it's guilt-free!"  -  Shuwen and Greig, owners of @ketosomething


"I use Gavia coz it's the best. I'd tried many sugar replacements before and most if it has an unpleasant aftertaste. Gavia is the closest to the real thing!"

- Liyanna, owner of Keto.sisoven

Check out what people are saying about Gavia 



"Honestly, you can’t tell much of a difference between Gavia™ and the typical Sugar because they LEGIT taste the same! And because I’ve a very strong sweet tooth, Gavia can get my both my cravings fixed and health checked! Best of both worlds!"  - @yongweikai


Kaiting Hearts

"Use Gavia the same as how you would use sugar, with the same measurements and all!"

- @kaitinghearts



"I was amazed to find out how versatile the Gavia Natural Sweetener is. Unlike most sugar replacement as the chemical structure is not stable, Gavia could be used in Bakes. Be it in Brownies, Tarts or even Muffin. The best part is that the bakes tasted as close as those making using with sugar." 

- @nahmj

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